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Poplar-Point-RFEIMemorable architecture of any scale is the product of collaboration and innovation. SCA’s urban designers and master planners design spaces for people, whether it be a city square, a university campus or a new residential neighbourhood.
Our designers focus on context, culture and climate as they draw up the principles that shape the economically, socially and environmentally sustainable communities of the future. Adding value at every stage of the design and development process, our designers ensure that the spaces created deliver maximum value for the client and the end-user. As we shape buildings and landscapes, we preserve natural resources and celebrate sustainable value.


edu-arch-essarschool-02In science and art, success results from knowledge and intuition. Though research and analysis are essential, sparks of imagination ignite new discoveries. SCA’s architects follow the discipline, which encompasses the four major fields of human endeavour: Humanities, Science, Art and Technology, actually putting into practice the professional inputs drawn from them. They use the philosophic wholesomeness of humanities, the logical rationalism of Science, the passionate imagination of Art and the inexhaustible resources of Technology. Every project is complete with originality, creativity, conceptualization, perception, aesthetic values, and a holistic judgement of the local environment.
Our design studio team primarily uses the art and science of designing spaces for serving the multifarious activities of human beings and for meeting their specific needs in a meaningful environment.



value-engMany projects have foreign architects for concept design / design development. SCA delivers project services for the usage and integration of BIM; building info modelling, to enhance quality, reduce cost and save time on construction projects, by using the latest technology. SCA also promotes value engineering for projects designed by foreign architects, to maintain the aesthetics as visualized, but by sourcing materials available in India, thereby reducing costs. We also make changes in materials to adapt to Indian conditions which also reduces costs.


Our contracted visualization teams specialize in the creation of state of the art renderings and animations that are both expressive of the design intent and responsive to client expectations. They work with SCA architects in the production of high end visuals, videos and presentations throughout the entire design process.




Our design team provides strategic planning, feasibility studies, site analysis, corporate space standards, space planning, design and procurement, branding and graphic design services for a wide range of clients, including some of the worlds leading corporations, service firms, educational and cultural institutions, healthcare networks, hospitality companies, non-profit associations and foundations, residential requirements of individual families as well as group housing and staff housing.
Our design decisions are always informed by detailed analysis. We invest in innovation.



SCA’s Associated Engineering Consultants delivers total project expertise from design to delivery. With over two decades of hands on experience and an unrivalled portfolio of iconic projects, our global skill set enables SCA’s associated engineering consultants to act as a bridge between architectural expertise and local cultural sensitivity.

An integrated approach provides the framework for the seamless integration of our expertise in MEP, structural and environmental engineering, which combine to provide a unique one stop shop strategy for project management excellence.

Experience has shown us that collaboration between architects and engineers from the earliest conceptual stage is key to the successful delivery of world class structures.

As straight talking engineers, our no nonsense approach has earned SCA’s Associated Engineering Consultants a reputation for delivering on plan, on schedule and on budget.



SCA Also Provides A Single Window Design With Engineering Consultants And Eminent Professionals.

Structural Design
M/s. Ghadiali & Raval
Sterling Engineering Consultancy Services Private Limited
VMS Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Sheth Techno Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (Mr. Pradeep Sheth)
Chander Ramchandani & Associates (Mr. Chander Ramchandani)
Mr. Kishore Pradhan
M/s. Sathe Architects (Ms. Survana Sathe)
M/s. Professional Landscape Design
Environmental Planning Design
Fine Envirotech Engineers
Signage Branding & Graphics
M/s. Graphics Beyond
Lighting Designer
M/s. KSA Architectural Lighting Designers
M/s. Alba Lighting Design
M/s. V.N. Purandare & Associates
Mr. Jal Mistry
Kitchen Equipment Layout & Design
M/s. Somchand Jethalal
M/s. Span Asia
Glazing Consultant
M/s. Axis Façade Consulting
 Liasoning (Bmc) / Statutory
Mr. Sunil Ambre
M/s. Sanjay Razdan Ass. Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Manoj Kumar
Mr. Gopal Sharma
Overseas Architects / Master Planning Firms
Surbana – Singapore
 Urban Design Associates – Pittsburgh, USA