Client:  M/s. MCGM
Site: 9 Acres
Year: 2007

The upgradation of the 9 acre Jawaharlal Nehru Udyan was part of the municipal corporations (MCGM) plan to upgrade public gardens across the city. This garden located in the environs of the Sion Fort, under the aegis of archeological survey of India, is densely wooded.

A fourfold approach was projected to revitalize this city heritage

1. Historical – Architectural
The Fort & The City
Historical Significance
Nodes as Interpretation Of Seven Islands
Symbology Expressed Through Pictograms & Graphics
2. Ecological – Flora
Reclaiming the Hill
Replanting Trees – Local Trees
– Fruit Trees
– Floral Shrubs
Arresting Soil Erosion – Planting Ground
– Cover
– Coco Erosion
– Control Blanket
Fauna – Fruit Trees To Attract Birds
– Floral Shrubs To Attract
– Butterflies
3. Sustainable
Rainwater Harvesting
4. Place for People
Local community, students, seniors, families, tiny tots, school troops

The proposal aimed to interpret the seven islands as seven nodes within the garden. The built forms were to be kept to a minimum to ensure that the intervention in this historical precinct is subtle.

The progression for any visitor from the entrance, the city’s edge to the fort on top of the hillock, is in a way a journey to the past via the 7 nodes.