Client: Reliance Petroleum Ltd , Reliance Industries Ltd
Site: Village Motikhavdi, district: Jamnagar
Area: 400 Acres (1996 – 1999)
350 Acres (2006 – 2009)

Situated 35 kms from Jamnagar, along the state highway that leads to Dwarka is the now 750 acres ‘Reliance Greens’, home to over 6500 families that are part of the Reliance family that are attached to the company’s industrial juggernaut across the highway.

The lush, arid terrain of northern Saurashtra, coupled with the varied profile and regional origins of the staff, drove us to find the methods to create a humane, sustainable, self-sufficient, self-contained & self-nurturing habitat where nature would flourish and a community would prosper.

Homes are arranged into clusters of both singular and mixed sizes, each structured around a green. Amenities include a CBSE school, 2 civic centers each with recreational and cultural arenas and Olympic sized swimming pools, cricket and football grounds, courts for tennis, basketball and volleyball. A 40 bed hospital, retail and markets, family entertainment centre, bank, petrol station, parks, orchards, and a temple complex.

Fresh water is made available from desalination plants and the Narmada canal. 90% of this supplied water is recovered, treated and re circulated for Horticulture. Organic waste is converted by vermi culture into manure and used in the surrounding farmlands.

The entire work, in both the phases, was achieved at a blistering pace and at incredibly low costs, optimizing volume and scales of function and scalability of purpose.

The project has received wide recognition, and several Awards, including having been shortlisted for the Prime Ministers award for urbanization for its noted success as an example of sustainable development.