We were involved in designing, detailing, engineering and total project management for several green field projects in the Jewellery Sector at Seepz. Andheri to build export oriented units of international standards.


Designing and building new factories is a very complicated process, as it has to go through various departments and processes, with minimum wastage and at a low cost. The entire factory has to be designed to be able to collect gold dust which is generated at various levels during the period.


SCA has built small units of 5000sq ft and several large buildings / factories of over 50000 sq ft, and thus has an expertise in this area

Tara Ultimo Pvt. Ltd. – 50000sq ft
Sanghavi Jewellery Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. – 50000 sq ft
S.N. Jewellery Pvt. Ltd. – 30000 sq ft
SB & T – 25000 sq ft
Fine Jewellery (India) Ltd. – 40000 sq ft



  • Vijaydimon Diamond (India) Private Limited – 80000 sq ft
  • Tara Jewels – MIDC Andheri Office – 3000 sq ft
  • Tara Jewels – BKC – 2000 sq ft
  • Tara Jewels – MIDC building Revamp and Factory


Tara Ultimo

This factory of 50000 sq ft was one of the first stand alone factories in SEEPZ MIDC. It consisted of a basement  ground + 2 Story building. The production facility was on the lower floors while the corporate office on the 2nd floor was designed to overlook a fully landscaped garden. This was the first factory to be designed to have Centralized Dust Collection for all departments. The interiors were designed to meet WalMart Specifications as they were one of Tara’s leading customers