Client: M/s. Vadinar Properties Ltd.
Site: Village Vadinar, district :  Jamnagar
Area: 225 Acres
Year: 2010

The Essar Group has an enormous industrial presence at Vadinar : oil and gas , a port, power plant, etc, therefore requiring a large stand alone township for their staff.

SCA project in charge, SCA along with UDA (USA) as master planners and associated consultants design workshop (USA) and applied ecological services (USA) drew up the master plans, thematic concepts for the streetscapes, urban scape and designs for the architecture of the 2500 homes and related amenities, utilities and ecological sustainability for the semi arid 225 acre site.

The project is currently under construction, in phases. SCA continues to be engaged as architects, for the township’s public buildings: school, the club (corporate guest house), medical centre and recreation.